About UDI – Edmonton Metro

The Urban Development Institute – Edmonton Metro is a non-profit, member-driven organization representing leaders in the real estate development industry in all communities throughout the Edmonton Metropolitan region.

Our members are development companies and the professionals involved in our industry, including planners, surveyors, landscape architects, engineers, contractors, finance managers, and others. Together with municipalities who regulate and set policy related to land use, we are important city builders. We build the communities where people live, the roads they travel, the buildings they work in, and the parks where families gather.

Collaboration and Partnerships

We build purposeful partnerships with trade associations, local economic development agencies, post-secondary institutions, and civil society organizations – all to articulate and promote the role that our members and the real estate sector plays in Edmonton’s economic future and job growth.

Government Relations

We proactively shape municipal policy and regulations through coordinated government relations with other real estate associations, and the engagement and leadership of our members.

Mentorship and Education

We develop opportunities for our members to learn about issues facing the industry, and to exchange knowledge and insights.


We convey the leading-edge work of our members and the role they play in building complete communities across the region – through a creative suite of communication strategies and proactive media relations efforts

Member Engagement

We connect our members through a diversity of events and initiatives. 2022 was the year that we re-engaged with our members in person, and we got off to a great start.

Downtown Vibrancy

We rally our members on issues that matter – like the concentrated advocacy for downtown’s recovery and long-term investment.



Members elect a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors sets organizational direction, priorities, and budget. Committees report to the Board on policy and issues. Regional and Standing Working Groups advocate for technical change and provide guidance and support to Committees.


We publish market intelligence and research that enables us to be at the forefront of innovation.


The earliest development agreement was signed October 15, 1958 in Calgary, and on November 10, a formal charter was drawn up under the Societies Act of Alberta creating the first Urban Development Institute.

The value of the Institute was realized very quickly by the industry and new chapters were formed in other parts of the country.

UDI’s sphere of influence has expanded greatly over the years and covers every aspect of land development from engineering specifications to tax reform and legislation.

UDI – Edmonton Metro is part of a three-tiered organization – with BILD Alberta and CHBA National. As such, members benefit from tri-level government advocacy. UDI-Edmonton Metro advocates at the municipal level, BILD Alberta at the provincial level, and CHBA National at the federal level.


Past boards have done an excellent job of identifying important values for our organization. These values hold true today. They are the reason we do what we do – they provide a sound foundation for the work we do each day, and they remain important benchmarks for how we conduct our business.


Members of UDI-Edmonton Metro recognize that the land they develop is valuable, unique, and irreplaceable. We recognize that each individual site is but one piece of the larger environment.

​The Consumer

In order to protect the consumer, members strive to provide quality and value by following accepted construction practices only. Members should hold the safety, health and welfare of the public paramount. Members should always endeavor to promote public understanding of the development process, and to preserve the public’s confidence and trust in the development of land.

Equal Opportunity

Members support the private enterprise system, providing a reasonable latitude of equality to promote opportunity, creativity and innovation.

Our Industry

Members support UDI-Edmonton Metro’s continuing efforts to create sound land use and development practices and to disseminate knowledge through its research and educational programs. Members should advise UDI-Edmonton Metro of any practice by a member of the association that they believe to be contrary to this code of conduct.

The Future

Recognizing that change is inevitable, members strive to take a leadership role in innovation within our industry and strive for enhanced practices. As younger generations will become the leaders of tomorrow, members should make every attempt to encourage and educate them to become professionals in the development industry.


Members observe the highest standards of integrity, proficiency, and honesty in their professional and personal dealings.