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18 Apr 2024

Intentional Infill: Addressing Infrastructure & Servicing

Presented by CKB Construction/Abalone

With a goal to welcome 50% of Edmonton’s growth via infill development, it is imperative that we identify the infrastructure gaps and investments needed to build and maintain hard and soft infrastructure. Hear from a panel of experts who will explore a variety of municipal tools and strategies that our city can leverage to accommodate the next 500,000 people to Edmonton’s redeveloping neighbourhoods.

2 May 2024

YourDI Construction Kick-Off

Join us at the 2024 Construction Kick-Off, presented by GS Construction! The city’s warming up and our construction season is sure to sizzle this spring and summer. This event will be tons of fun, with industry members we really, really dig. Network, connect, and socialize – and celebrate our collective efforts in building the Edmonton Metro Region.

7 May 2024

Celebrating Edmonton Metro’s Best New Communities

Join Edify Magazine and UDI – Edmonton Metro for a special conversation and celebration of their May issue on Best New Communities. We know that cities have lots of stories. Edify’s editor, Steven Sandor, and special guests, will explore the stories shared in this issue, and the ways in which city builders are reinvigorating our communities.

14 May 2024

Premier Smith on Real Estate

We are building Alberta and growing Edmonton. Alberta is calling for more housing, jobs, talent, and investment. Hosted by Edmonton’s premier real estate development, management, and construction associations, please join us for a special presentation and fireside chat with Premier Danielle Smith. The Premier will highlight opportunities for the public and private sectors to work together to address our nation’s housing crisis by maintaining our affordability advantage in Alberta, promoting downtown safety and revitalization, and her government’s plan to support economic growth and investment attraction through real estate development in Alberta’s capital.

16 May 2024

Size Matters: Rightsizing Infrastructure and Complete Streets

Presented by B&A Studios

The land in our region is finite, and so is our ability to afford it. We need to be strategic in how we build on both private and public lands so that we can develop livable and welcoming communities and cities. A panel of experts will provide commentary on the City of Edmonton’s infrastructure and Complete Streets guidelines – and the unintended impacts on affordability and the environment through the application of a growing number of requirements and standards. What strategic opportunities can we take to ensure investments made to the public realm are efficient and support broader affordability goals in the region.

13 Jun 2024

The New Old Strathcona Field Trip Presented by B&A Studios

Arguably one of Edmonton’s most commercially active neighbourhoods, Old Strathcona is seeing an evolution and renaissance. Explore the new development projects that are underway and hear from the city builders behind them.

20 Jun 2024

Metro Matters: Attracting People and Jobs to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

Presented by Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board

We know that Alberta’s labour market is hot, and unemployment is low. People come here and stay for high-paying jobs and wages that outpace the rest of the nation. How is the region preparing for new sectors, new jobs, and new investments? How do we create thriving and welcoming communities, where all residents benefit from economic prosperity and quality of life? What are the amenities, services, and other factors that will differentiate our region from others? Hear from three regional mayors as they explore solutions and opportunities.

1 Aug 2024

39th Annual Golf Classic Presented by B&A Studios

Join us at The Quarry for our Annual Golf Classic! This fun, highly-competitive golf tournament is always the highlight of the season. The 18 hole tournament includes breakfast, steak lunch, beverages, and many opportunities to connect and win amazing prizes!

19 Sep 2024

Housing in the Hot Seat

Presented by Pals Geomatics

They’ve been interviewing us, now it’s time to hear directly from them. Join four local journalists as they share what goes into telling Edmonton’s story, why it matters, who shapes the conversation, and what’s at stake. City building isn’t just about creating physical spaces, it’s the stories we tell ourselves and to others, that make the places we call home. From pressing urban issues like the declaration of a housing emergency to longer-form stories around urban growth and community change, the real estate development industry makes the news. Our multi-agency broadcast on the issues that matter most, live on location, at 12:30 p.m. on September 19.

17 Oct 2024

Tech Trends: Automating the City

Presented by Arcadis

While there is no crystal ball into our future, our industry does its best to innovate and adapt to the market and ever-changing dynamics. One thing is clear though – technology continues to be a disruptive force. How is the real estate industry adjusting to new trends in technology, or leveraging new practices to support city building? Hear from a panel of real estate experts as they share how they are using tools like ChatGPT, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and augmented reality – in their development projects.

21 Nov 2024

Housing the Nation: Development Trends, Issues, and Opportunities

Presented by ATCO

How is Edmonton doing in comparison to other major markets, with regards to policy and regulation, investment attraction, and construction? Join UDI – Edmonton Metro for a special presentation with CHBA National’s CEO, Kevin Lee, who will highlight national development and building trends – and the challenges and opportunities ahead for municipalities big and small.

12 Dec 2024

Evolving Edmonton: Vison and Progress

Presented by Cameron Corporation

Join the City of Edmonton’s City Manager as they reflect on the past year’s challenges and successes. They will provide an update on Edmonton’s progress on implementing The City Plan, our economic outlook, and opportunities for partnership with the private sector to welcome an additional one million more to Edmonton as well as increased economic investment.