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Position Letters | May 23, 2024

BILD-EM Letter to City Council: Support for District Policy, Repeal of Council Policies and Guidelines, and District Plans

Position Letters | April 18, 2024

Omnibus Text Amendments to Zoning Bylaw 20001

Position Letters | April 17, 2024

Joint Letter to Council: Spring 2024 Supplemental Operating Budget Adjustment

Position Letters | March 15, 2024

Downtown Incentives, Taxation, Community Revitalization Levy

Position Letters | March 15, 2024

Options to Address Surface Parking Lots

Position Letters | March 15, 2024

Omnibus Amendment to Drainage Bylaw

Position Letters | February 27, 2024

City Plan Measurements

Position Letters | February 23, 2024

Potential Work Plan for Rezoning Priority Areas

Position Letters | February 23, 2024

Joint Letter on Building Codes and Mandatory Labels

Position Letters | January 19, 2024

EPCOR Water Service 2024 Operational Plan and Wastewater Integrated Resource Plan