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UDI regularly facilitates research on housing affordability, market trends in the region, and regulatory barriers to development. Interested in data not shown here? Please contact


Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan represents the collective vision and priorities for our members over the next five years. 


Our 2023-2024 Action Plan identifies which Strategic Plan priorities and actions to focus on from 2023-2024, and which ones to expand further in future years.


The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is calling. The newly released State of Growth report provides a compelling snapshot of the region’s diverse assets and offerings around four themes: people and housing, economic competitiveness and employment, land use and development opportunities, and quality of life. Download the report.


A compilation of our advocacy and event successes, and opportunities for the year ahead. Download our 2022 Annual Report.

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The Edmonton Metropolitan Region has a significant affordability advantage. Our Housing Everyone report examined the impact of price-level increases ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 for an entry-level home. These increases were shown to price out 7,591 to 36,998 households out of the market.


Regulatory Burden prompts discussion on how the development industry and municipalities can work together as partners to find efficiencies and stimulate regional economic growth through reduction of regulatory burden.


In anticipation of the City of Edmonton's adoption of a new Municipal Development Plan, the City Plan, UDI-ER produced Building Our City Together detailing our commentary on the plan.​


Tech Disruption provides Members with a very brief high-level overview of some of the major emerging technological disruptions that are likely to have an impact on the land development industry.


State of the Market is an economic snapshot of seven urban municipalities within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region by focusing specifically on housing starts, median housing prices, population change along with economic impacts, issues and opportunities.


By consolidating a considerable amount of information regarding the land development process into a two-page document, From Dirt to Door provides the reader with an accessible resource that aims to illustrate how costly the entire process of turning raw land into livable homes for citizens truly is.


The Understanding Density Series assists in highlighting the realities of density. When considering growth, density targets must be appropriate to allow for a variety of housing products that appeal to the market. While we aspire to achieve higher density as community builders, our densification targets need to be thoughtfully considered to fully understand their impacts.


Download additional reports and technical studies


Download our position letters in response to municipal issues 

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