Quiet Regional Leadership

“I want to help,” said Blayon Dibben, this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Industry Contribution Award. 

Dibben, who is the Manager of Planning at Select Engineering Consultants, served on UDI – Edmonton Metro’s Board of Directors for nearly 7 years. Prior to joining the board, he supported the association through participation on several committees – sharing his expertise and experience in the review of municipal regulations. 

“I would spend my evenings sifting through city policies,” he said with a laugh.  

He said member volunteerism can advance significant changes in land use bylaws and development plans. Specifically, how working together, members can push for more flexibility and innovation in municipal plans. 

“Through UDI, we are able to identify how policies potentially restrict development and limit choice or how municipalities can reduce public infrastructure costs that are unnecessary,” he said. “And while municipalities need to keep uniqueness – that can be done through urban design and not through additional red-tape via regulations or standards.” 

Dibben started his career shortly after graduating from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in human geography. Combined between his time at IBI Group and now at Select Engineering Consultants, he has 20 years of experience working on land use planning and urban design projects throughout the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. 

Before officially contributing to the real estate sector, he worked at the City of Edmonton as a general labourer. 

“I would pressure wash bridges, help with general repairs – and you could only do this when there were no cars on the road and late at night.” 

He said how that job helped him gain an appreciation for the people who shape and maintain our civic spaces and places. 

“We are all servants of the cities we live in and enjoy,” Dibben added. “What I love about the work that I am privileged to do is that I get to work with the public, private, and community sectors to find shared goals and solutions for their communities.” 

He said his vision for the region is to invite more people, more voices, and more perspectives to the table.  

“What is so great about our region is that there is an openness to bringing together different mindsets and different experiences,” Dibben said with pride. “Moving forward, we have a tremendous opportunity to work together, learn from each other’s successes and failures, and shaping spaces that serve and accommodate everyone.” 

Come celebrate the achievement of Blaydon Dibben at the 24th Annual Spirit Awards.