Grape Urban Places

Did you know that National Drink Wine Day is this Saturday, February 18?

We didn’t either.

The newest addition to our team, Katie Schneider did. As our Coordinator of Membership Services & Events, Katie leads and supports initiatives that connect industry together to collaborate and build relationships. In her spare time, she’s a wine connoisseur.

The goal of National Drink Wine Day? To try beverages made from all over the world and in the process – learn more about those places.

To celebrate, Katie prepared a list of wine recommendations to savour a few of our favourite regional urban spaces.

“Just like our favourite wines, we consume local places with fervor and passion,” said Schneider. “I hope you enjoy this playful list of wine recommendations while enjoying all that the region has to offer.”

City of Beaumont – pairs well with a red bordeaux. Typically made with two or more of the classic bordeaux varieties, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, malbec, and petit verdot, the bordeaux blend symbolizes the blend of French and English communities living together in harmony. Bordeaux is also an “Old World” wine, and the St. Vital Church was built in 1895. Vintage. We love it.

City of Edmonton – pairs well with a barolo, natural wine, and champagne. As the Fairmont gives off a royal, Bridgerton-vibe, it is best matched with a barolo, often referred to the “King of Wines” – dating back to the 19th century and nobility. A natural wine is best paired with Fort Edmonton Park due to its historic and natural attributes. Finish off with a champagne while taking in the sophisticated masters at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

City of Fort Saskatchewan – pairs well with a sauvignon blanc, as this community is known for its beautiful trails. With herbal characteristics, a sauvignon blanc is best matched with a long-grassy path.

City of St. Albert – pairs well with a sherry, a popular drink during the Victorian era – especially at The Riverbank Bistro Building, a Victorian-style house.

So drink up and cheers … to great places and great sips! Get in touch with Katie if you have ideas for other regional landmarks, and need a wine suggestion: