Give Me Shelter

Tim was born in London, England towards the end of WWII. 

“When the war ended, my mom carried me in her arms to Edmonton with other war brides,” said Tim Melton.  

After the war clean up, his dad, Stanley Melton, would join them, eventually growing their family company, Melton Real Estate, into the largest real estate brokerage firm in Western Canada.  

Originally a brokerage business, the company, now named Melcor Developments, transforms real estate from raw land through to high-quality finished product in both residential and commercial built forms.  

As the oldest of seven siblings, Tim is the third-generation head of the company, serving as its Executive Chairman and CEO. It was first led by his grandfather, Louis Timothy Melton, followed by his dad.  

In 1969, Tim found himself selling real estate with Melton Real Estate after graduating from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. His role took him to Saskatoon and Calgary, where he led and expanded company operations. In 1973, he moved back to Edmonton to lead the company, shortly after his father passed away.  

“Make no doubt about it, Melcor is a publicly traded business with a family flavor,” said Tim. “And because of that, my siblings and I learned through our father and his father, the importance of providing shelter, and the ways in which the industry can play in that.” 

He said that thanks to tremendous people, past and present, Melcor has had a significant role in the development of Edmonton and throughout Alberta in accommodating people and businesses with all types of shelter. 

“The stability of shelter and providing that basic need of life makes our work very rewarding,” he said. “We can tangibly see the results of our efforts in the communities throughout the city and region.” 

The key to realizing this goal? He says the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is comprised of many outstanding people working in the development and construction industry who practice tenacity, resourcefulness, and diligence – committed to building great places and spaces for people to live, work, and play. 

“There is a unique, understated wealth of talent here. Quiet people who get things done.” 

When asked, over his 53 years of experience in the industry, if he was able to predict that this is what the region would look like, he said, “Like me, I’m sure my father and grandfather could not have imagined the growth, success and prominence of Edmonton today.” 

“The future is hard to predict. I am more focused in meeting people’s present needs. The best way to take care of tomorrow is to take care of today.” 

When asked what he would have done if he were not part of the family business, Tim responded, “I love the outdoors, so I would like to operate a ranch or have a resort business up in the mountains.” 

With company property near Mount Robson, that pipedream might not be so elusive after all. 

Until then, he will continue to support the next generation of urban development leaders through his mentorship and volunteerism.  Tim has been a proud supporter of several community initiatives including Grant MacEwan, Edmonton YMCA, the United Way and the Edmonton Eskimos (Elks). 

Come celebrate the achievement of Tim Melton at the 24th Annual Spirit Awards.