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Standing Working Group Mandate:

  • Ensures that UDI-EM is the voice of the land development industry, in its role of monitoring, influencing, and advocating for members on Parks related issues at municipal government administrative levels.

  • Chair, Warren Ollis, Bookfield

  • Alex Petrosky, Melcor Developments Ltd.

  • Carol Craig, Kinnikinnick Studio

  • Scott Cole, Stantec

  • Jordan Gulayets, WSP

  • Jason Maurer, Scheffer Andrew

  • Jeff Sauve, IBI Group

  • Jennifer Brown, Sherrick

  • Josh Payne, Classic Landscapes

  • Kris Sloan, Cutting Edge Landscapes

  • Mark Nolan, IBI Group

  • Siobhan Biagi, Cantiro

  • Stephen Musselwhite, Brookfield

  • Derrek Magosse, Qualico Communities

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