May 27, 2020



UDI-ER Members,


As we continue through these extraordinary times, I wanted to share some recent encouraging developments from UDI – Edmonton Region.


Without being able to connect at our monthly luncheons due to ongoing covid-19 isolation measures, UDI-ER has created a series of webinars for our Members. The first of which was held Friday, May 22nd. Joining me for a panel discussion were City of Edmonton Deputy City Manager and CFO Mary Persson and City of Edmonton Deputy City Manager Stephanie McCabe. We discussed topics such as: city finances; city building initiatives; shovel ready projects; and development services. We also fielded a number of participant questions. I would like to thank both Mary and Stephanie along with all of the attendees for partaking in the webinar.


The next UDI-ER webinar is scheduled for Thursday, June 11th, where UDI-ER Planning Committee Chair Michaela Davis and the City of Edmonton's Kalen Anderson will be discussing the City Plan. Following this, please join us on Thursday, June 25th for a webinar with BILD Alberta’s Chair Patrick Shaver and Executive Director Scott Fash. We are continuing to pursue additional guests for future webinars. Please reference the Events page on the UDI-ER website to stay up to date.


On Thursday, May 14th, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) held a Board Meeting where issues concerning the Regional Evaluation Framework (REF) were discussed. During the meeting, the EMRB passed a motion to proceed with proposed amendments to the REF, which addresses long-standing concerns of UDI-ER. This win was the product of constructive and thoughtful dialogue between industry, the EMRB, and the City of Edmonton. The proposed amendments have now been submitted to the Province of Alberta.


Effective April 1, 2020, the City of Edmonton is accepting development bonds for all new servicing agreements for the 2020 construction season. This will give developers another option for security, as the City previously only accepted irrevocable letters of credit issued by a bank, or cash security.


To apply for a development bond for your new servicing agreement, please:


Furthermore, the City is exploring options for allowing letters of credit for existing servicing agreements to be converted to development bonds and we will provide further information when this option is available.


We are working to expand the surety bond option throughout Edmonton Metro and have held an initial meeting with Strathcona County and have an upcoming meeting with the City of St. Albert. We hope that this will help provide some economic support and make it easier to do business in Edmonton during this difficult time.


Finally, as City Builders we will continue to advocate for wise and efficient urban growth.  To this end, we have created and held our first Core Redevelopment Standing Committee.  This new committee will focus on issues that are specific to urban infill and brownfield redevelopment – from planning and policy to infrastructure - and will be a great asset to ensure the success of redevelopment in the Edmonton region.





Mike Kohl

Chair, UDI-Edmonton Region

Chair- Mike Kohl

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