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Advocacy is a key pillar of our organization. We advocate to municipal and elected officials to establish policies and programs that promote efficient, cost-effective, and smartly-planned development across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. We advocate with UDI membership, Board, committees, in addition to industry partners and allied organizations. Read our position letters.


Edmonton’s District Planning involves two main components – District General Policy and 15 District Plans. Together, they will incorporate policies from existing strategies and approved to guide growth to The City Plan’s first population target – 1.25 million people. Read our approach


Edmonton’s Downtown Vibrancy Strategy consists of actions that can be taken to support downtown recovery – and is based on the collaboration and partnership between a number of organizations and entities. Read our approach


The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) Growth Plan Update includes a review and update of employment and population projections, amendments based on performance and key performance indicators, and integration to other future work. Read our approach. 


Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy is the city’s climate change mitigation plan, which outlines the way Edmonton should be built, how energy is generated, how people move around, and how buildings are constructed. Read our approach. 


Edmonton’s Growth Management Framework is intended to support and active growth in priority areas through infrastructure investment, incentives, policy, and partnerships. Read our approach. 


Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative is an overhaul of the city’s regulatory framework. It includes a new Zoning Bylaw, rezoning, and technology improvements. Read our approach. 

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