Right-sizing Infrastructure Standards

Why this matters:

UDI is leading the conversation on the importance of curbing public infrastructure sprawl throughout the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. While the private sector has become more efficient with land use, infrastructure, and different development types over the past number of years, the public realm has not followed suit. This is leading to ever-increasing costs that have a downstream impact on housing affordability.

There is an opportunity for the real estate development industry, public sector, and the utility companies to work together by identifying efficiencies that create win-win solutions for all involved stakeholders. UDI-EM is proactively leading the charge by pursuing a “Cost of Growth” initiative that aims to identify 10-15 key areas where we can identify and rectify requirements that currently increase costs and are antithetical to environmental and sustainability goals, pursue the rightsizing of infrastructure standards, and create a more economically competitive Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Our desired outcome:

  • Prompt conversation on public infrastructure sprawl, specifically how it is antithetical to environmental and sustainability goals and erodes the region’s affordability advantage. 


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