Land Use Bylaw Updates and Zoning Bylaw Renewal

Why this matters:

Land Use Bylaws across communities in the Edmonton Metro region, and the Zoning Bylaw in Edmonton, regulate the parameters of development for every single parcel of land. As such, it is critical that these land use and zoning bylaws are up-to-date and enable growth opportunities across all geographies and asset types. Several bylaws within the region are currently being formalized.

Our desired outcome:

  • Land Use Bylaws enable timely development and address regulatory red tape
  • Address emerging market trends and consumer preference
  • Broader development and redevelopment opportunities city-wide
  • Increased density and diversity for efficient and sustainable growth
  • More investment opportunity in town centres and along main streets
  • Continued commercial, industrial, and institutional development
  • Greater housing choice to create the conditions for complete communities


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