District Planning

Why this matters:

District Plans are expected to guide both neighbourhood development and redevelopment. District Plans should align with or contain policy directions from The City Plan. As part of the District Plans, several Area Plans are proposed to be repealed, amended, or retained – as these plans may have been fulfilled in certain neighbourhoods; supported through other city mechanisms; addressed by the City Plan, District Plans, or District Plan General Policy; or are no longer in alignment with The City Plan. As articulated by the City of Edmonton, District Plans will provide clarity on areas where the public sector will invest in the infrastructure and community amenities required to support anticipated population and employment growth.

Our desired outcome:

  • District Plans enable increased development opportunities city-wide
  • Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) are rescinded
  • Areas for public sector investment required to support growth are identified
  • Proactive city-wide upzoning is advanced


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