Development Costs and Charges

Why this matters:

UDI stays on top of the debates and decisions about development costs and charges that are occurring throughout the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. This initiative is both proactive and responsive in nature and focuses on changes to policy, regulation and standards that could be introduced to add costs to the development process. Over the coming year there are several key areas that have our attention including offsite levies being applied across the region in alignment with the MGA and Edmonton City Charter.

Our desired outcome:

  • Maintain the Edmonton region’s affordability advantage and avoid new charges added to the price of a home or businesses that negatively impact that such as:
    • off-site levies for hard and soft infrastructure
    • new affordable housing charges and inclusionary zoning levied onto market-rate housing
    • emissions neutral buildings and energy transition requirements that increase costs
    • developer funded transit, playgrounds, neighbourhood entrance features, and more.


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