1. The Land

Members of UDI-Edmonton Region should recognize that the land they develop is valuable, unique, and irreplaceable. Recognizing that each individual site is but one piece of the larger environment, members should respect the environment and be vigilant toward preserving the quality of the air, water and the land.

2. The Consumer

​In order to protect the consumer, members should strive to provide quality and value by following only accepted construction practices. Members should hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public. Members should endeavor at all times to promote public understanding of the development process, and to preserve the public's confidence and trust in the development of land.

3. Equal Opportunity

Members should support the private enterprise system, providing the widest latitude of equality for opportunity, creativity and innovation.

4. Others in the Land Development Industry

Members should support UDI-Edmonton Region's continuing efforts to create sound land use and development practices and to disseminate knowledge thereof through its research and educational programs. Members should strive to treat all others involved in the land development industry with fairness and honesty. They should share their knowledge and experience, recognizing that both the development industry and the public will benefit from the sharing of this expertise. Members should promote health and safety within the workplace. Members should advise UDI-Edmonton Region of any practice by a member of the Institute that they believe to be contrary to this Code of Conduct. 

5. The Future

Recognizing that change is inevitable, members should strive to take a leadership role in innovation in the industry and strive for enhanced practices. As younger generations will become the leaders of tomorrow, members should make every attempt to encourage and educate them to become professionals in the development industry. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to give general statements of the principles of ethical conduct in order that the members of UDI-Edmonton Region may fulfill their duty to other UDI-Edmonton Region members and to the public.

6. Integrity

Members are encouraged to avoid all conduct or practices detrimental to the development industry and should observe the highest standards of integrity, proficiency, and honesty in their professional and personal dealings. They should remain free of compromising influences or loyalties and should exercise due diligence in ensuring that their performance is at all times creatively, competently, and responsibly managed.

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